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5th Demonstration - Becconsall F.C 7.30pm north west Area

7th Demonstration - Madeley - Midlands area

19th Demonstration - Bebington North West area

21st Demonstration - Dublin

28th Demonstration - Stone North Midlands area


10th Demonstration - Market Harborough

15th-19th Scottish Tour Demonstrating at Milngavie, Bearsden, Lenzie, and Cunningham Flower Clubs


No bookings due to Flower Show commitments



Demonstrations through flower clubs, local interest groups and W.I's take the form of usually 6 designs working to a pre arranged budget.Demonstrated with wit, style, informative and fun. all flower clubs welcome guests, check out the contact details on the N.A.F.A.S website for one near you.flower demonsrations


7th Demonstration- Tunstall F.C. 7.30pm Cheshire Area
8th Demonstration- Barrow in Furness F.C. 2.00pm North West Area.
9th Demonstration- Urmston F.C. 7.30pm. North West Area.
22nd Demonstration- Bolton F.C. 7.30pm. North West Area.
27th Demonstration- Maghull F.C. 7.30pm. North West Area.
28th Demonstration- Padgate F.C. Cheshire Area.


7th Demonstration- Kettering F.C. South Midlands Area.
8th Demonstration- Haugton Green F.C. 7.30pm. North West Area
12th Demonstration- Corstophine F.C. 7.30pm. SAFAS Scotland.
13th Demonstration– Dunfermline F.C. 7.15pm. SAFAS.
14th Demonstration- Glenrothes F.C. 7.30pm. SAFAS.
15th Demonstration- Dalkeith F.C. 7.30pm. SAFAS
16th Demonstration- Berwick upon Tweed 7.30pm. SAFAS.
28th Demonstration- Liverpool F.C. 7.45pm North West Area.


16th Demonstration- Whitefield F.C. 7.30pm North West Area.
23rd Demonstration- Greensleeves F.C. 7.45pm. Surrey Area.
25th Demonstration- Heritage F.C. 2.00pm. North East Area.


24th Demonstration– Millom F.C. 2.00pm. North West Area.


12th to the 14th Demonstration- NAFAS National Show, Southport Floral Hall Theatre.
12th Demonstration- Bridgenorth F.C. 2.00pm. Mercia & North Wales,
26th Demonstration- Shrewsbury F.C. 7.15pm. Mercia & North Wales.


4th Demonstration- Tarporley F.C. 1.30pm. Cheshire Area.
19th Demonstration- Kelsall F.C. 7.30pm. Cheshire Area.
20th Demonstration- Mold F.C. 7.15pm. Mercia & North Wales.
26th Demonstration- Scaleby F.C. 7.30pm. North West.


3rd Demonstration- Rotherham F.C. 7.00pm. North East.
4th Demonstration- Sutton Coalfield F.C. 2.00pm South Midlands.
17th Demonstration- Knutsford F.C. 2.00pm. Cheshire Area.
17th Demonstration- Wrexham F.C. 7.30pm. Mercia & North Wales.
18th Demonstration- Wolverhampton F.C. Mercia & North Wales.
23rd Demonstration- W.I. Macclesfield 7.30pm.
25th Demonstration- W.I. T.B.C.
31st Demonstration- Llanymynech F.C. 7.30pm. Mercia & North Wales.


8th Demonstration- Denbigh F.C. 7.30pm. Mercia & North Wales.
9th Demonstration- Chaseside F.C. 7.30pm. Mercia & North Wales.
14th Demonstration- Parbold F.C. 2.00pm North West Area.
15th Demonstration- Chatterton F.C. 7.30pm. North West Area.
19th Demonstration- Halifax F.C. 7.30pm. North East.
20th Demonstration- Holt F.C. T.B.C.
27th Demonstration- Ribblevale F.C. North West Area.
28th Demonstration- Staining F.C. North West Area.


3rd Demonstration- Northern F.C. I.o.M.
5th Demonstration- Fleetwood F.C. North West Area.
13th Demonstration- Upton Heath F.C. Mercia & North Wales.


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